ELTON asymmetrical electrochemical capacitors are a new class of energy storage devices that fit the functional niche between regular capacitors and batteries. Electrochemical capacitors are able to quickly accumulate and deliver energy an order of magnitude higher than regular capacitors. In turn, compared to batteries, electrochemical capacitors have higher specific power and can last for over one million charge-discharge cycles. They do not require maintenance and demonstrate high reliability in extreme temperatures. These characteristics ensured increasing use of electrochemical capacitors in hybrid vehicles, engine cranking systems, quality energy systems and with renewable energy sources.


High quality, uninterruptible electric power supply for consumers has currently become an issue of paramount importance. Short-term overloads in power supply systems may cause rolling power cuts, which occasionally happen in major cities in Russia, European countries and the United States.

Some particularly hazardous facilities may require a special quality of power supply (for nuclear [Read more]

UPS 100 kW

ELTON developed a 100 kW interruptible power supply system with the use of nine 30EC402U type modules connected in series.
The system has a 600 V output operating voltage of DC current, with at least 10 seconds support time at 100 kW power of discharge. The system is equipped with a DC/DC converter, system of capacitor [Read more]

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