ELTON asymmetrical electrochemical capacitors are a new class of energy storage devices that fit the functional niche between regular capacitors and batteries. Electrochemical capacitors are able to quickly accumulate and deliver energy an order of magnitude higher than regular capacitors. In turn, compared to batteries, electrochemical capacitors have higher specific power and can last for over one million charge-discharge cycles. They do not require maintenance and demonstrate high reliability in extreme temperatures. These characteristics ensured increasing use of electrochemical capacitors in hybrid vehicles, engine cranking systems, quality energy systems and with renewable energy sources.

Cold Starting

Starting an internal combustion engine may be a major issue in winter time, particularly in cold climatic zones. Quite often, starting an ICE turns out to be impossible or may require significant effort and take a long time, which may cause disruption to the transport vehicle’s service schedule. Similar issues may also occur in warmer [Read more]

Cold starting modules

From 1998, over 3 thousand capacitor modules designed to start truck and bus engines have been supplied to the United States. Kold Ban International (KBI), the company’s official dealer in the United States, sells ELTON’s products under the KAPower trademark.
According to Road Star, an influential US magazine, the starting module based on electrochemical [Read more]

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