ELTON asymmetrical electrochemical capacitors are a new class of energy storage devices that fit the functional niche between regular capacitors and batteries. Electrochemical capacitors are able to quickly accumulate and deliver energy an order of magnitude higher than regular capacitors. In turn, compared to batteries, electrochemical capacitors have higher specific power and can last for over one million charge-discharge cycles. They do not require maintenance and demonstrate high reliability in extreme temperatures. These characteristics ensured increasing use of electrochemical capacitors in hybrid vehicles, engine cranking systems, quality energy systems and with renewable energy sources.

Electric Transport

Electric transport vehicles (electric subway and railway trains, trolleybuses and trams) are typical examples of energy users with variable loads. The mode of electric transport vehicles’ operation is characterized by a high consumption of energy during acceleration and the traction run. While running in the established mode, its consumption is significantly reduced.
The use of [Read more]

Locomotive starting system

The high specific energy and power of electrochemical capacitors made it possible to create an energy storage device which is, by many parameters, superior to conventional starting batteries. Electrochemical capacitors may be effectively used for starting large diesel engines; energy storage devices based on capacitors are optimal for the processes requiring high power, such as [Read more]

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